Canopy Formation Skydiving


Canopy Formation Skydiving, still called CReW (Canopy Relative Work), is practiced with an opened canopy.

There are three disciplines in competition :

  • Sequence Canopy Formation Skydiving : in a team of 4, it's a matter of performing a series of 4 or 5 figures drawn from a predefines program. Once the last figure has been performed the cycle restarts. Each performed figure is worth a point and the jump is judged on 2 minutes 30. Exit altitude is 2 000 meters.

  • 4-way Rotation Canopy Formation Skydiving : in a team of 4 the teammates form a pile with their canopies. Then the one on top leaves the formation to join it at the bottom. Each rotation is worth a point and the jump is judged on 1 minute 30. Exit altitude is 2 000 meters.

  • 8-way Speed Canopy Formation Skydiving : 8 teammates have to perform a predefined figure as fast as possible, in a 2 minutes time limit. The score consists of the added times from the different rounds. Exit altitude is 2 500 meters.

France holds the title in each of the three disciplines.

Canopy Formation Skydiving is also practiced in big formations where it's not a matter of performing a maximum of figures but the largest one. The World Record is a formation of 53 skydivers.

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